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Last weekend around family, smell of pure desi asian breakfast, noises of my niece and nephew. I guess they are early today to spend the day at grandmother house. I hear my mother listening sunrise radio and talking to my father about my youngest brother. He has nt been home since last nigt. I guess we just should get use to it as its not the first time. All i hope he s not into trouble.

I have to go weekends and sometime weekdays to visit parents. Weekends is a stay over. I have traditional family who believe that culture is everything even living many years in UK but their mentality remain same.  I would love to go out weekends with friends after long hours of work Monday to Friday. I have to be careful and apparently i have to lie few times not to stay over a weekend because i am not well……

Theres always an issue in my house me not being married to suitable Asian man….. my parents are’nt aware of my wild side of life which is actually me being myself. They see me good traditional girl.

I love going out, i love enjoy my life, go to the gym and keep fit, wear nice clothes, travel around the world and be naughty as well.

Being a lawyer in city firm has been tough for me, however, I maybe inline for a promotion to a more senior position.  There is an investigation going on with one of the criminal lawyers Mr Jedai Akinsola. It took me years to move out from family home and find my own place. It was heaven to be on my own. I can do what i want. I can smoke when i want. I can wear what i want. It was dream come true. Its funny when my parents visit me without notifications and i have to run around like a super woman to make sure all is hidden, cigarettes, wine, weed, condoms and also some clothes……. it s like a mission for me…… 🙂

My parents still gives me hint that i should be living at their home. I kinda ignore it by putting tv on and distract them with Asian channels or news.

recently i attended a birthday party and it came shock to me that one of my cousin’s friend of a mutual friend….. he has seen my pictures with short dress showing bit of flash…. i don’t know what the hell he s thinking…. i hope he doesn’t show my pictures to anyone……

My life can be so drama ans stress….. but i am good to play games and cover up for me…. 😉


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