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We’re in deep shit. I have no idea what’s gonna happen! I doubt he would sell us out….I mean…we’re his boys right? Furthermore, what would happen if the police finds out it was my idea? I need to leave this place and quick. If I’m thinking of saving my own ass then I’m sure he’s doing the same. I’ve been unable to sleep since I’ve found out about this. The relationship we shared as a group is dwindling as well and I think there’s a lot of trust issues going on. Someone mentioned this lawyer that was looking into this Trevor guy’s case but how would we do that without him knowing about us? We have to meet up next week and discuss this situation fully or we’re all in trouble    We went to see the flipping jail bird separately. It would stand out way too much if we all saw him together. But something strange went down when I went to see him. When we met up I can’t say it was pleased because I was still wary of these assholes as it is. It was only when I asked him how he got caught did he reveal some worrying shit. He said that the police came to his house after an anonymous don tipped him off. I assumed he thought it were me so I started denying right off the bat, I mean why would I? It was my friggin idea to take the car in the first place. Strangely enough I don’t feel the least bit sorry that this guy took the blame, in fact, I find it hilarious but I digress. He thinks that one of the other guys sold him out which would be peak. He warned me to watch my back with the others which definitely put me on edge. If I can’t trust the other guys then why would I trust you??? On top of that, you might’ve told other members in the group the same shit you just told me….I should lay low for the while.


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