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I went home after the jail visit. I was so shook about the others. Should I smoke to calm my nerves? Nah, it’ll just make me too paro. The very fact that he thinks someone ratted him out is messed up but the more concerning thing is what’s gonna happen to the rest of us? I have 2 ways to go about this; either go on a manhunt and find out if there really is a snitch, or find refuge in my estate. If I found refuge then I would be bringing people into my own mess which I want to avoid. Besides, the only person I can see helping me is Saira and she has her own problems. I also have the option of talking to Aaron and getting the whole block on my side, I mean, even if we don’t talk I’m sure he wouldn’t want beef in the flats. If I go with the first option then I’m at risk of getting hurt myself…..shit what should I do?


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