More sleepless nights just thinking about everything that’s been going on.. Everyone knows that i’ve been talking to Crystal. We talk everyday and I went to see her, she defo looks piff for someone that just had a baby. Once people get to know her, they’ll be able to see the real her, yeah i’m feelin her but I think she wishes she was with her babys dad. She don’t seem to show me any motions, just a dead beat…but at the same time Aaron is my boy as well and he dealt with her so I gotta keep that in mind. I’m trying to reschedule things because of what happened, my music means everything to me but when it comes to my family that’s a different story, if Trevor thinks he can keep moving the way he’s moving with my dad then trust me shit will have to pop off!. Dad as gone missing for a few days, he says hes not representing Trevor in his case which starts tomorrow. The word is Trevor is looking at a life sentence for real….


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