So Laura finally found out about Suzie and everything that’s been happening with her. She is distraught going out of her mind, she doesn’t know what to do or how to help. I know she blames herself for not being there I just hope she doesn’t do anything stupid. She’d be in way over her head  and just end up making the situation worse. I feel bad, I could have prevented this, well lessened the blow for Laura, just a little. I know that Trevor Stevens is bad news and any business you have with him can mean nothing good, hope he gets locked up for good… Once I knew that Suzie was mixed up with him I should have told Laura everything but then she’d ask how I know and I just don’t need her asking questions about that part of my life, it’s not who I am anymore. I’ll advise her as best as I can without getting too close, I don’t  want Trevor to think I’ve been running my mouth, I’ve worked very hard to keep this part of my life  a secret and I intend on keeping it that way

Aside from all the Laura drama, these past few months have been non-stop, just one thing after the other. Martin who lives downstairs have broken up with keran, he as always liked me, but he is a bit too rough for me lol. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through this bad time of my life  if it wasn’t for my amazing boyfriend. I know I had my doubts about him but since the accident, we have been closer than ever, he’s proved just how much he really does love me. We both sustained injuries from the crash, but mine were much worse so he’s been taking care of me at times when I could even take care of myself. It’s sad to say that it took a near death experience for me appreciate the wonderful man I have, I really do love him.  I want to ask him to move in with me, I mean it won’t make much difference he already spends most nights here and he has a key but I want to do things properly. It just feels so right, especially after everything that has happened I just think it’s time for a fresh start- to turn over a new leaf and I’d prefer to do it with him so we can start building a life together.

I’ve started working again, got a shoot lined up for tomorrow nothing too major, this is more of a favour for a friend I want to ease back into it slowly. I’m still little shaky, especially in heels.  Mentally, I am so ready though, I’ve missed my fast paced life; different city every week, getting all dressed up and glamorous. I miss feeling sexy and girlie. I’ve really let things slip since coming out of the hospital, and honestly I think I got too comfortable. Bae hasn’t actually said anything but c’mon he must miss seeing me all dolled up, I know I do. Let me get to a mirror to see what im working with here. Naaa this is not ok! I look like a cavewomen! No wonder he hasn’t been in any kinda hurry to bring back the physical nature to our relationship… He says it’s because I’m too fragile which may have been true at first but now, well now, to be honest, im not even feeling myself so I don’t blame him.  Ok ok, not to worry this is nothing a few wax strips and a heavy tweezing session can’t fix! Let me call my beautician to come work her magic.

*    *    *   *

Where is he? He was meant to be home ages ago! Let me call him again because I didn’t get waxed for nothing. Before I even fond his number to call it, a message popped up from an unknown number. I open the message up to see the cutest little bubba, underneath the picture it said,

Looks just like his daddy don’t you think?

 C x’

I was so confused. What a weird message, like who’d send a picture of their baby to a stranger, I don’t even know anyone with a baby. I stood there staring at this little baby boy for the longest time racking my brain. Then I looked properly at the picture and I noticed the baby’s sweet little dimples as he smiled and his cute little button nose that wrinkled a bit and then I really looked at his eyes, his big beautiful uniquely coloured eyes. Eyes look all too familiar to me and I thought to myself, yes, he does look just like his daddy…..



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