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Trevor Trevor Trevor that’s all that’s on my mind, I know I’ve been ignoring his calls, but now I’m trying to call him and I can’t get through to him I really miss him and I’m worried. There are feds all over the block looking for him. There was breaking news on TV today that a man was due to appear in a South London court  but was ambushed outside the court and bundled into a waiting car, they said shots were also fired by one of the suspects. Raa,
Word on the street is that he might be going down for good if he doesn’t  snitch on certain people.  I’m scared shitless. I also heard that some guy Called martins tryna help with his case, maybe if I go speak to him or Mr Akinsola he’ll be able to ease my nerves a little and tell me what’s going on, I need to know what Trevor wanted to talk about….



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