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I just looked out of my window, all I can see is bear feds on the block, its allover the media that Trevor was ambushed outside court today….. Aside from myself (yeah, I acknowledge that I’m a part of it….not something I’m proud of) there’s our prisoner Jamie, the leader Jerrel, and the rest of them, Rhodes, Damien, Reggie and fist (that’s what they call him….idk his real name) who just knocked on my door. I was never intimidated by fist. He was always the first to bark and try to cause trouble. In fact, he was he that stole the car with myself and Jamie. So obviously, he would want to discuss the tension between the rest of us. After I welcomed him In there was this awkward silence. I’ve never been alone with any of them besides Jerrel who pressured me into the hang in the first place. We spoke about the whole situation and what’s been going on. Maybe he just needed someone to talk to, I mean, we’re all human. Turns out he had another agenda. It turns out that Jerrel, our leader, was actually under another gang (We were just branches on a tree). Apparently, Jerrel has beef with some don named Trevor (who knew) that’s been going on for months. But with Trevor’s case coming up, nothing major sparked between the two. The kid who I witnessed getting shanked was one of Trevor’s boys who went to our college. It’s strange that there was no retaliation from Trevor’s side. After hearing about all this I was wondering why fist told me about this in the first place. He then went on to reveal that he was the one who sold out Jamie to the Feds. I was speechless. Why the hell did he tell me that??? Mannnn I don’t want anymore stress! But, it gets much worse. Fist apparently rolls with flipping Trevor’s crew! Again, speechless. He decided to tell me that because he thought I was chill enough. Fist plans to take down Jerrel and his group and frame him so Trevor can walk free. He said if I help him, I’ll be put under Trevor’s crew…..and if I don’t, he plans to sell me out to the Feds not only for the grand theft auto, but also for the robbery at Saira’s crib! All I have to do is help him take down the rest of the group……well, it was about time for shit to hit the fan…….


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