It can only get better right now, Trevor I hear is now a fugitive, well that’s what i’m gathering from the media, this couldn’t get any worse could it. I got a phone from someone who knows what happened, they telling me about who bust the shots and even telling me where Trevor is,…I don’t really wanna get into any mix up. Honesty is the best policy they say, but this is getting ridiculous, I was really hoping that this could work and he could put himself on the straight and narrow. I was really trying to get through to him, i really thought that this was soon going to be finished and over and done with, but life is a funny thing and does that sometimes, KMT. Whats a brother got to do to make someone hear sense, but as they say, if ya na go listen, then ya ah go feel and in this case, somebodies ear’s is to hard and if your going down that road, well you’ll get what you deserve. Life has a funny way of showing you that when you least expect it, I can tell you that much. I can’t be getting rapped up in all this at the moment, not with my line of work going so well.


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