So I finally told Milo about that person that keeps texting me saying their watching me, he aint happy at all but he makes me feel safe I know nothing’s going to happen with him around. He asked me to be his girl and even though im unsure because of my situation I still said yeah because I do have feelings for him but I dunno like whatever.. Im hearing people are still talking my name just because they think im using Milo, they need to keep themselves out of my business because I have a son now im not on their childish shit! Anyways Cassandra seems really worries about this Trevor stuff thats going on, she asked me to find some stuff out so I am but to be honest I just think shes wasting her time with him but shes my main so obviously im going to be there for her all the way. My social worker is such a lovely woman shes honestly putting me before everything and trying her best to help me as much as she can, not a lot of social workers would go as far as she does does to help me so im blessed boy! Things are looking on point for me at the moment..


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