I had a word with dad and he’s honestly starting to believe his own lies. But now it seems as if mum is having an affair, shes constantly out and she A LOT more happier like she doesnt even care about dad anymore. But im going to get to the bottom of all of this because this is some joke Im still in studio everyday doing what I gotta do, making it big. The money looks like it’s coming in nicely still! Me and Crystal’s relationship seem to be looking up, I asked her to be with me and she said yeah so yeah she’s my girl and I know people will have shit to say but im grown init I make my own decisions so people need to back up and do them. Even though crystal got a social worker im fully on trying to sort her and Thiago out aswell, even my mum wants to meet her. Crystal told me some yute is harassing her telling her how he’s watching her and that he’s coming for Thiago, whoever this wasteman is he just needs to watch his back!


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