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The next day at college I was on edge yet again. I didn’t really wanna meet up with fist but screw it. If it means I could save my ass then why not. After college I got I got into fist’s car and we headed off. He didn’t tell me what was happening or where we were going but I just went with it. It felt weirdly calm all of a sudden. It was like I was rolling around with a bredrin. We pulled up to a baron area with no one around. We got out of the car and started walking along the road to an old warehouse. Inside, there was a group of boys hanging about and chatting shit. Some were doing weed and some were gambling. It was like a room full of roadmen and women, almost like a movie. There was this don who sat by a table on a higher level in his mid to late 20’s. Fist and I walked up to him, past all the gangsters who shot daggers at us. The man looked at me and fist introduced him as Tyrese, Trevor’s older cousin……


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