Well I had a very mental and crazy day yesterday, I was having a lay in, Martin was out I heard banging at the door and a key like someone trying to get in, I heard a girls voice, I wondered what was going on, so I got out of bed to see a girl standing there, she looked at me in disgust and shock I asked her what she wanted? She told me she wants to speak to Martin, I said he wasn’t in and who was she?? She said I’m hes girlfriend or … Well .. Ex girlfriend she was being quite rude, I then started to get angry and started shouting at her! Who does she think she is! Turning up to try speak with MY boyfriend and rudely turning up at our home!! We argued a bit I was getting quite angry and pushed her away from the door she then left crying.
I’m not sure why she did what she did as her and Martin are well and truly over! I just fear now and hope that im not just a rebound for Martin because I do love him….


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