I’m so excited to move in with my sister, I finally be able to have my own life. I really get on with my sister, we’re so close I just feel like I can tell her anything. Sometimes that what’s you need everyday rather than being stuck with your parents screaming down your neck. I love them course I do, but it can get a bit suffocating at times if you know what I mean….
Moving out from your parents house gives you the chance to just show them that your an adult now, I want to show them that I’m responsible and make my own decisions whether they like them or not, ya know? Because it’s my life to be honest. I can’t wait to invite my boyfriend over to my sisters she’s so chilled about all that, spend some more time with him, gunna be so special. I love him. Doesn’t matter about the  colour of his skin, he cares about me I just wish my parents could see that and would except him for who he is…..

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