Do I really want to throw away what me and Martin have built ?
Hes been sending me messages lately and I’ve been missing him like crazy. I thought There  still could be some kind of hope left for us. You never know unless you try. Keran Morgan ask yourself, is this a good idea ?
What a shock, my key didnt’t work. Two years we’ve been living together and he changes the locks. Who’s this chick opening his door in her night dress aswell. She cute but who is she ?
She Martins new girlfriend. What the f….. I went to his house to surprise him and try rekindle what’s left of us to find nothing is left of us. This was it, it hit me. Our love died a long time ago. I look like an idiot, without thinking I let my emotions get the best of me and I just lost it. It burnt. He moved on so fast. I left his house crying . What a shambles.
To make it worse I ran into my ex student then on top that I ran into Norman, what are the odds. I looked a hot mess. What an embarrassment, I was even more embarrassed to accept his offer to give me a lift and stayed with him and Joyce,  I couldn’t say no. If you saw me you would of offered.
 I should of known this would of ended like this, I guess the joke on me, but I should have told him I still love him and I want him back……..





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