Well it would seem, there isn’t just excitement on road, but also in my flat too, Keran and Tamara seem to have finally met and i’m not sure if it was a matter of being a pleasure either. Being that Keran doesn’t even know that she’s, well my ex, I can only imagine how this would seem; especially to Tamara at this moment. Some woman just comes rambling into the place, just like that, wouldn’t that be a shock to the system, come on, or at least a serious fright. Your gonna wonder at the end of the day, right, I mean Keran goes AWOL doesn’t even give me a whisper, not even head or tail of something, at the least, or even that as it would seem and just try’s to walk back into my life, as if a nu nothing. Boy oh boy, they say trouble seems to happen in three’s and i’ve got to wonder some times; just what Keran is really thinking or what kind of game she really thinks this is now, or is it just me thats not really getting it here….


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