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There we were, standing in front of Trevor’s cousin known only in the streets as blacks. Even I’ve heard that name before. Blacks was an older guy around his mid 30’s and he was one of the most notorious guys in our ends. He supplied drugs to small time dealers around separate estates after receiving shipments from an unknown party. He sat there counting money and addressed fist in a thick Jamaican accent without even raising his head.
Fist told him about Trevor’s situation ,which he was already aware of, and how he had a plan to take down the rest of our gangbangers. Blacks looked up at me and asked who I was. Fist told him that I assisted in taking down Marcus (which I didn’t really agree to). Blacks thanked me as Marcus used to be one of his dealers who stole from him. Fist had persuaded Jerrel and the gang to take him out after saying that he had beef with him. Fist explained that he wanted to set up Jerrel and the others in a way that made Trevor look innocent. Blacks agreed to this and showed us to his office, when we arrived Norman Foster was there…..


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