Wow, moving in with my sister was a great idea. Already I’m feeling more relaxed, not worrying about having to be home at a certain time or anything like that. Course my sister has rules you know, but she lets me do what I want really. Treats me like my own person unlike my parents. I feel like we can connect more now, have proper long chats sister to sister ..just that closeness can make you feel so supported and happy. We’re already closer now, she seems to open up more to me knowing that she always has me here to talk to, I love listening to her problems, she tells me all about her boyfriend too although I don’t like him very much, even though I’ve only met him once. But I guess she’s my sister and I want her to be happy. Sure we’ll probably have our arguments in the future, we’ll get ratty and get on each other’s nerves because we’re just so alike, but I kinda just feel at home knowing I can always talk to her, she’s like my best friend. She’s even said to me that I can bring my boyfriend over at the weekend and we’ll have dinner together. God, you don’t understand how much that means to me. Just shows that she cares about the things that are important in my life. I’m so looking forward to that as I can finally spend time with him at home without worrying about my parents, they can’t make me not see him now can they?


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