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Through out last night I was tossing and turning could not sleep or take that thought out of my mind. Should I confront Norman or just erase my suspicions about him and Keran? It seemed to be the longest night ever.
When Norman woke,  I looked straight into his eyes and asked ‘What’s going on with you and Keran?’ He sucked his teeth and said angrily, Woman wha wrong with you? You mad? He got ready for work and left without saying goodbye.  I Said, Norman where you going? he just step out without a word. It’s Christmas eve no turkey we need more grocery. ‘Wha u expect! You a deal wid  me a way then u want me to talk bout turkey and shopping?  Woman turkey can stay, I don’t like it, and when you decide to deal with me different then Christmas can run. He slams door shut. Tears came to my eyes wondering how things got this far. Would there be a Christmas dinner atall and would Norman be back for Christmas.


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