Image result for london offices

Image result for london offices

Yawa don gas!!!! Blessing’s doing her nut! Swearing about revenge! What do these women want anyway. Do they not realise that a man is a predator by nature and polygamous to boot?! Yeah, I guess secrecy shouldn’t be involved, let every wife know that she has a co-wife and all that. Hmmmm, I must concentrate on fixing this.
My wife spent Christmas at home but she is still leaving me or rather, throwing me out. Could I set up home with Blessing? Can’t really marry her yet in order to keep her in the UK, her visa will have expired by the time I’m divorced. But I can’t really see me and Blessing together outside her zone….Keran on my mind always….but blessing, i could give her 10k to go away, but i love her nyash, we had a good time in nijah…i must call her to arrange a talk…
Trevor Stevens, where are you? The police are keeping tabs on me, they seem sure that I engineered his escape. Hope he is still alive. Lewis is Crystals baby’s dad, am sure he needs some legal advice…So many puzzles to figure out, personally and professionally.
This new year is gearing up to be real WAHALA……..

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