Life really doesn’t seem to be going my way at the moment! My boyfriend Rodney came over and met my sister, he was so polite to her I’d never heard him say thank you that much in his life! That’s a good thing though, it made me feel like he wanted to make an effort for me, it really showed me he cares. That’s all I can ask for in a man don’t you think? He’s been going through a lot at the moment with his family, he’s been struggling living at home too. He loses his temper a lot…he had a fight yesterday with one of his close mates. I was with him and he just lost it. He wouldn’t listen to me. He really frightened me as I’ve never seen him like that. And I would never want to. It’s really worrying, I saw him earlier today and he could hardly look at me after what he’d done. He thinks he’s ruined it. But he hasn’t. I love him. I just can’t bear to see him in this state, he won’t hardly talk to me, or his parents or his friends. Something’s wrong and I want to know so I can help him. I want to be the one he’s honest with and it kills me thinking that he feels he can’t tell me how he feels. I’m torn between what to do. I can’t sleep. I’m scared for what he’s gunna do next. Why won’t Rodney talk to me? I need some advice on what to do. I can’t talk to my sister about it, no matter how close we are she will advise me to stay away. I don’t understand how one minute he’s lovely when he comes round and the next it’s as if he’s a whole new person. Part of me wants to give up but the other knows that I must be strong and stick by him because he has no one else. He’s lovely really, he’s just been through a lot. I’m not giving up now after everything we’ve been through. What other choice do I have?


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