Image result for london offices

Image result for london offices

Quiet?!!! There is never any quiet. Thought I could keep my head down. Looks like I am going to become a lawyer for a MOB! Gangster’s lawyer!!! There is gang warfare on the nearby estate. A certain gentleman, a seemingly respectable pillar of the community visited me in my office to appraise me of the situation at hand and how he would need me to represent a few of his “friends”. Hmm, I recall that there were cults in most African universities, whom were sponsored by politicians and carried out mayhem on their behalf. Could the same be true in the UK. Was I being naive? Of course, this kind of thing exists everywhere!
Trevor hasn’t shown his face yet and the police are putting pressure on me. What am I supposed to do? Perhaps I should reach out to Mr Community, I am sure he has his ears to the ground. Na so so wahala for dis job oh.
Kiantai called again! What does she want? I’ve moved on with my affections now although I haven’t had a chance to connect with Keran. Kiantai wants to have lunch. I didn’t have the nerve to ask her “what for?” I still kinda like her although I will not be bitten twice. Hmmm, however blessing is back from nijah, what wahala awaits me now! i think Aston now realizes  the severity of his case..

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