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I keep hearing on road Cassandra called Crystal de otha day spreading rumors about My man  Lewis, saying how he’s telling everyone Thiago is his son and has already gone round  de hostel fe tek his boy out that dump. It’s like Crystal nah tell her peeps she slept with him for real before he went away. That Club them meet in was one of the Business Lewis owned, but Crystal is quite a bit younger than Lewis, so maybe she feels embarrassed to tell the truth. But I don’t know if Lewis knows that Milo, Crystals new man is making threats to harm him.

I got Lewis’s back, so that threat from Milo is not a problem even though Lewis isn’t a pushover by any means. I will be linking Lewis up soon anyway. Then we can go sort it all out.

Joyce is beginning to become a real problem lately. I can’t even talk to another woman I’m noticing. I have tried to ignore the signs but I can’t.

Firstly, I did try to speak with her daughter Latisha, and brought her gifts to smooth the transition from just having her mum, Joyce and brother Roland in their life, but I got funny looks from Joyce for doing that. Then, and now I bought Keran back home, I got the same looks from Joyce again.

What really makes me feel arkward, was when Joyce actually stared me dead in the face and ask me if something is going on sexually between Keran and me, which now make me wonder what she must be thinking about when Latisha and I was talking also.

I don’t want to have to think like this when I’m there. Maybe I really need to consider flexing with Keran for real. It might work! Aston just text me, he wants to link for a drink… wonder wants going on..?

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