Well, I bet you can guess how I’ve been doing after hearing that news. It’s been tough on me, I care about Rodney so much and it hurts to see him like this. You’d never think it was that bad, he puts up a front with most people but only the people close to him know how he really feels. I guess I try to understand, but sometimes i don’t get what goes through his mind. We’ll be at mine watching a movie or something and he’ll just break out, maybe I’ve said something to start him off I don’t know …but he can suddenly just go from being fine to angry just like that. I came over to his the other day and his mum really opened up to me, I think she has realised that I truly do care about him, I mean I wouldn’t have stuck around otherwise. She told me how bad he’s been…she broke down in tears, she doesn’t know what to do and nor do I. Just today we were in town and a group of guys started shouting over to him. He ignored it at first but then they started walking over to us shouting horrible things. He started shouting back and he told me to go home – that he didn’t want me to see him like this. He really scared me for the first time ever. I screamed at him telling him to calm down whilst the guys carried on selfishly winding him up. And that was enough for him to give the first punch. They started fighting and shoving him, they pinned him against the wall. Some people from a shop got involved and the gang ran so fast. I had never seen him so violent and so scared at the same time.

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