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My mum is so annoying. She is always invading my privacy, knocking on my bedroom door, always on my case. Well, she used to be. Ever since she met ‘Norman’ she doesn’t even notice me anymore. My mum never comes in my room, never even asks “how you doing love?” Or “how was college today?” She just doesn’t give a damn. She hasn’t even noticed my new hair or noticed that I have a boyfriend now and on top of that, she hasn’t said “I love you” ever since shes got together with Norman. I preferred things way  better when he wasn’t here.  My brother Roland is definitely on my side. He doesn’t like Norman either. Thats why he is my favorite sibling he gets me. On the other hand Latisha isn’t so great. She supports the whole thing! She kinda gets on my nerves. Never lets me borrow her clothes, I cant even have talks about boys with her. We have grown apart ever since Norman came along. He needs to go….


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