The detective behind the arrest, knew Mellony,  this could  bring to light ALL of Jedai’s past crimes, then I feel the precious relationship between Mellony and I may not survive if my secret surfaces after being hidden for all these years.

Melloney, Ronda and  Kain are my  family and I cannot bear to lose either of them.
It was 3 years ago, Melloney was doing well in the police service and single handedly kept Kain on the right side of the law. I was beyond proud, but at the same time I hid a terrible shameful secret that marred my happiness for her.
I didn’t confide in her that I was in serious debt. It lead me down a path that I fought I’d never considered let alone actually walk down.

But I was desperate so I did anything to get out of the debt as quick as I could because it was swallowing me. I couldn’t ask her for help as I’m the one she supposed to be looking up to, a role model as well as as her favorite aunt.

The debt was made of one too many pay day loans and later credit cards taken out to pay the loans off but they never did, I just spent on those too. Stupid mistakes building up at a horrific rate, demanding letters, turned into red final warning ones which then turned into court and scary bailiff notices..on and on until I realized I was backed into a corner and had nowhere to run. I would lose it all, including my house and ultimately her respect….



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