micky west



After our last game, myself, Jason and Gabrielle went out for a few drinks at a swanky bar in central London. We all drove their individually, when I arrived Jason was just parking up. As we walked in the entrance of the bar, as usual there were plenty of pretty girls all demanding the attention of Jason, i left him to it and walked over to where Gabrielle was sitting. The bar man came over and took our order. Gabrielle said to me, that girl in the pink top, ive seen her before with Jason, I said, I cant keep up with the amount of chicks he knows…the night went really well, lots of laughs, dancing and drinks….by the end of the night, Jason was so out of it,  we arranged for a driver to drive his car home – whilst I took him home. We must have arrived at his apartment around 4am, he could barely walk straight to the entrance, I manged to get him inside is flat…Saskia came in the hallway dressed in one of Jason jersey, she asked me if i wanted coffee, but i said i had to go….


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