monica george




ive managed to persuade Joyce to come out with me to watch a football match.  She won 2 free tickets playing scratch cards from the shop she’s been working at.  After getting past the turnstiles, we buy some snacks & drinks from the stall before heading over to our seats.  ‘Look, that’s Jason Ross.  He’s done well for himself you know,’ i say.

‘Oh yeah, he’s the guy that grew up on the estate near us isn’t he? Now look at him,’ replies Joyce.

‘Yeah, he made it big.  I think he’s dating that blond bird – what’s her name? Sasha…no Saskia, that’s it.  She’s a proper WAG.’ Jason takes a corner and a header puts the home team 1-0 up.  He celebrates the goal with his team mates.  I excused myself and  head down the corridor, I  see Saskia and Micky West behind a set of doors.  Saskia is standing against the wall and Micky leans and kisses her.  She pushes him away, saying, ‘Look, the other night was a mistake, a one-off.  It can’t happen again.’ I quickly hurried along to avoid being seen.

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