joyce george



When I was sitting with Monica in the cinema auditorium I was thinking about the last time Norman took me out to watch a film or even took me out period? It was well over a year.  He only has time for his friends nowadays. From work to home shower then gone. While reminiscing I could hear my name called from a distance gradually sounding louder and louder. Monica was calling me Joyce, Joyce, Joyce!  I jumped as returning back to reality……’Yes sis sorry.’

Monica gave me that look ‘Sis that was great I said.’  I tried to put on a brave face ‘Yeah it was really good..thanks for inviting me. I know I haven’t been much fun lately.’  Monica put her hand on my shoulder ‘Don’t be silly sis your doing just fine.’

I could not believe as we were turning into the road to go to the car there was Norman I wanted to go…………………                . but Monica stopped me telling me to face my fears I was not scared but I felt hurt and angry. Norman with his bright self ‘Can we talk?’I nodded reluctantly thinking it would be a waste of time. Monica waited in the car.

Norman takes my hand I just pulled it away.  ‘Wha happen to you man? I come home to see  one note tell me you gone movie you know how long I wait outside here?’ I looked straight into Normans eyes trying to search his heart.  ‘ I keep telling you and you just don’t get it the day when you can tell me what happen between you and Keran that is the day we can talk.’  Norman buried his head into his hands after a short while he looked up at me. ‘You know what Joyce me cant see a way out so let me tell you I going to get Keran to come and tell you to your face what really happen.

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