micky west



Things are going great between me and Ella, in fact, it has never been so great after the first rocky year of marriage. We got married in Vegas after two days of meeting. My mates thought I was crazy but I was smitten with her and didn’t want to let her go after that first night.

I was in Vegas with my mates Jason and Wayne when we went to see a fight at the MGM after the match season. Wayne said we had to check out this new club. Given Wayne’s reputation I was expecting a real raunchy club where I would get so smashed and wake up back in my hotel room with two girls in my bed who I’d have no idea what their names were but the club was quite exclusive and classy. Mind you, I still could have gone back to my hotel room with any of those classy chicks there but things changed not long after we arrived, sitting in the VIP lounge, trying to keep a low profile, like hell we did! We had everyone scrambling for photos and selfies.

I finally escaped and on my way to the bathroom, walking past the bar, I heard a soft voice ordering a gin and tonic at the bar with a London accent. I couldn’t help turning to look as I thought, a Londoner ordering G&T, how typical, but what I saw was far from typical. There was this beautiful, petite girl, with a London accent, all on her own in a posh bar in Las Vegas! I approached the bar and asked the bar man to make it two. I said hi to her and then she turned. Wow!… I introduced myself, just being gentlemanly, thinking she probably already knew who I was but no, she had no clue, which was really good as it made me more relaxed to chat with her as a bloke. We clicked right away…

Jason and Wayne, pissed out of their brains, finally found me at the bar, that bastard Jason nearly ruined my chances with one of his jokes!….

I ended up spending the rest of the night with Ella. Of course I had to tell her who I am and what I do, just to score more points but it turned out I didn’t really need to. She seemed as in to me as I was in to her and she’s a very decent girl.

Jason and Wayne thought I was crazy the following day when I told them I was getting married!


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