monica george




Am back working at the grocery store.  Those physiotherapy sessions and painkillers have done the trick and ive fully recovered from my wrist sprain.  i’m  at the till arranging the display of crisps which have become untidy.  A group of school kids enter the store – it’s Kain and some of his mates.  I glances at the clock and sees it’s 10:30am.  It’s a weekday so they should be at school.  Kain still has Mellony’s gun which he found in her drawer.  There’s a lot of banter going on.  One of the kids is teasing Kain saying, ‘You know I had your mum last night, right?’

‘Shut up before I shoot you,’ replies Kain.

‘Nah, you wouldn’t. I know you wouldn’t’.  They pick up some sweets and go to pay.  ‘That’ll be £2.49,’  ‘I hope you kids are keeping out of trouble.  Shouldn’t you be at school?’

‘Nah, we got the day off,’ replies Kain as he pays.  The other kids chuckle in the background.  Kain and his mates leave the shop and Monica shakes her head as they leave.


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