new years eve..30.12.17


It’s around 6.47am on the morning of 31st December 2017. Life around the south bridge part of London town as truly been an eventful year. DCI CARTER  is having to deal with the fact of being suspended from  is job, he is awaiting trial for a string of allegations. He tried so much to put away innocent people by destroying evidence and false accusations, not to mention racist views he shares. He was just spotted looking really disheveled holding a can of beer as he walked his dog in the park…10.38am MICKY & ELLA  have just got home having driven back from Manchester after a football match yesterday. They hardly said a word to each other during that long drive, ELLA seems to be more pre occupied with her phone and that dark secret she is keeping away from MICKY. Recently, There was an attempt to rob MICKY ,  and word is, one of the robbers is having is way with ELLA….10.50am LATOYAH as just been released from the hospital . Last night herself and friends were involved in an acid attack, fortunately, she wasn’t hurt, the thugs ran away when she pulled out her gun…11.15am JOYCE GEORGE  is home in the kitchen making breakfast for the family, whilst making her dumplings, she hears on the radio that solicitor Jedai Akinsola has been found in his flat with gun shot worns…She is really anticipating and hoping that her boyfriend NORMAN FOSTER will turn up tonight to take her out to her favorite restaurant, and of course spending the rest of the night together…11.45am WAYNE COX just received a call from LATOYAH telling him about what happened to her last night, also asking to pick up later for Jason’s party…12.25pm LILLIAN CARTWRIGHT is on her way to pick up her sister Saskia from the airport. Lillian is hoping Saskia and Jason can work out there issues tonight as they have been on a break. So tonight is like a reunion party for them with no expense spared…1pm GABRIELLE JENKINS is with Jason and all his assistants organizing tonight’s party and Saskias welcome home..

9.45pm Jason’s party is in full swing; Ella and Micky are sipping champagne seemingly having a good time. Saskia looks amazing in a black dress, she looks happy despite all the roomers she as been hearing about Jason. Jason looks a bit edgy, doesn’t seem comfortable about something, he is probably nervous about any un wanted press. ..10.35pm Latoyah arrives with a bunch of her friends, the party now becomes more hype, the DJS starts to play a lot of dance hall, all the 200 guest are having such a good time…11.25pm Lillian gathers everyone around to make a speech. .then soddenly, there is noise and a scuffle at the entrance of the house. ..11.55pm masked men enters the party holds up Jason with a gun to his head.

to be be continued….


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